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When you feel fabulous, look great and radiate confidence, the world just seems to fall into place.

Pagan & McQuade opticians is your partner in achieving that. We are here to look after your health, your eyesight and help you choose stylish glasses to suit you and your life. Our clients appreciate the time and care we put into providing a thorough eye test.

An eye test is not just about your eyesight, it's a health check too .. and we're not just saying that: the back of your eyes is the only place that your veins and arteries are visible without a skin covering. There are numerous conditions where the first signs can show up during an eye test. Did you know you can get freckles on the back of your eye, and they should be monitored? The outcome is usually much better the earlier these things are caught. So, pop in for regular eye tests about once every couple of years.

Of course, for the vast majority of people, glasses become necessary as you enter your forties or fifties when the lens becomes harder and more difficult to focus. Many people wait until their book, phone or menu needs to be beyond the length of their arm for them to see it before starting to accept their need for glasses.

Glasses are super-trendy right now. We stock some fabulous, leading brands such as Prada, Emporio Armani, Ted Baker & Henry Julien. With so much to choose from, you can lean on our expertise and experience to help you find the right frames for you, and to fit them perfectly. Choosing glasses is fun. Why not have one for work, and a fun pair for parties?

How are you with Facebook? If you use a screen (TV, smartphone, computer) for many hours in the day, you might like our Blue Control lens coating that filters out high-energy, damaging blue light. Research suggest it might even help you sleep at night.

If you need protective glasses for work or sport, we stock super-stylish Adidas & Uvex .. you'll love them, either with prescription lenses or just for protection from glare and foreign bodies.

And of course, we stock a wide range of sunglasses (RayBan, notably) available with or without prescription.

So whether you prioritise being effective in life, staying healthy, or looking great .. one thing's for sure. Pagan & McQuade opticians has the expertise, experience and range to be your optical partner for life. Stay healthy, stay happy, look great with Pagan & McQuade.