We’re Back…

Although we’ve continued to deal with urgent issues for patients throughout the lockdown, we’re pleased to say we’re properly back and our practice on York Road is open again.

Of course, nothing is more important to us at Pagan & McQuade than the health and safety of our patients. In response to the overwhelming need to try to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are taking stringent measures to help protect our community.

We have outlined these measure below, but if you have any questions or comments please just conatct us.

  • We have a ‘locked door’ policy to limit the amount of people in-store. All consultations are ‘by appointment’ only and we ask that when you arrive you knock on our front door to let us know you are there. There may be some delays and you might be asked to wait outside until it is safe to enter.
  • We have removed our sofas to create socially distanced seating around the practice. You will be escorted to an available chair.
  • We offer hand sanitiser to all visitors, which you can use upon entering. We will also offer you a free face mask if you do not have one.
  • We have a perspex screen at reception and ask customers to stand back from the desk so that they are fully protected. There are 2m floor markings in this area.
  • Please come on your own, where possible.
  • We have new staff uniforms which are washed at the end of each day in a 60 degree wash.
  • We wear the recommended PPE appropriate to the procedure carried out and change our PPE after each consultation.
  • We use a PxUVC machine to clean and disinfect frames once they have been tried on. The machine is also used to disinfect all small equipment, pens, rulers and screwdrivers etc.
  • To help limit the amount of customers attending, as well as the time you are in practice, Tony will phone you the day before to discuss your history and symptoms and will make sure you are well and free from covid symptoms.
  • Eye tests may seem a little different since we have made a major investment in a Daytona Optomap which can look more widely at the back of the eye. This gives us a more in-depth view and allows us to view areas which cannot be checked by the naked eye. This allows us to detect any changes as early as we possibly can.
  • We are seeing fewer people since more time is being given to appointment slots. This allows us time to clean furniture, surfaces and equipment.
  • We offer the option to have spectacles posted, although there is an extra postal charge for this. Contact lenses can also be posted.
  • Card payments are preferred.

Thank you for supporting us with these measures and we look forward to attending to you in-store.


Joanna Thomas and Tony Saunders